The first seven days.

It’s been seven days since I started this little venture, with Mark (my wonderful husband).

Day 1. Got to Springfield,MO on Sunday night @ 10:30 they didn’t have a room for my Mambo, so we decided to sleep in the truck.  The only problem was that the bunk is a twin size and was full of stuff. At 12:00 AM I was re-arranging so all three of us could fit. We all were happy and slept soundly.

Day 2. Class started, had to take a physical and fill out more papers. There was a young man next me that was cussing up a storm and was saying “Ahhh just forget about #$%^& this whole thing, I have to fill out the background check and I know I’m won’t be accepted”. I looked at him and said all you can do is try. He went on to almost scream at me and said “I went through this before and you know what happened; they told me I couldn’t have the job, you know what I did I cried”. I went on to tell him “dude just fill it out be honest and then pray”, he said “you mean pray now”? I said yes let me pray for you right now. There were eleven of us sitting waiting for our physcial, and about 20 more across from us. I started to pray and when I lifted my head to say amen,all 11 and a few from the otherside had their heads down and were praying with us. AWESOME.

Day 3. Nothing special happened, went on the simulator and had three crashes and about 100 gear shift jam ups.  LOL…. it was bad but it was fun. Had to watch a couple of video and I started to cry while watching them, because it was about trucks rolling over and it was so bad. Then Mark told me later that the people were not people they were maniquins, felt pretty silly, but boy they looked real to me.

Day 4. Went to the Cowboy Church at the Springfield Stockyards. I wasn’t there ten minutes and my eyes were watering with tears, well it wasn’t because of the presence of the LORD it was the smell of the cattle, WOW WEE, what a smell.  But hey the service was AWESOME and the yes the LORD was present. They had wonderful worship blu grass music many about going home, wish they would have sung #28, I’ll fly away”, but they didn’t. Good message too, about what kind of legacy are you leaving behind.

Day 5. Finally got cleared…..I’m ready to go…..but we still don’t have a truck. Mark has to trade in his small truck for a larger one, but it may not be until Monday.

Day 6. I Yah Yih , spent four hours doing laundry. The best part was that I saw they young man that I had prayed for and he waved at me while he was passing the laundry room with a big smile. YAHOOOO he was cleared to roll, as they say.

Day 7. Hasn’t happened yet, we are suppose to meet up with two of Mark’s friends, we’ll see.

Pray for me….everytime I think about driving the truck I get queezie and fearful. I just pray and ask the LORD to please help me.

Love you all



8 thoughts on “The first seven days.

  1. Keep writing!! I love you Aunt Margie! You’re going to do great! I feel like I should send our old pal Flat Stanley with you!! πŸ™‚ xoxo

  2. To God be the GLORY! Didn’t know you were GOING TO BE DRIVING A TRUCK! GOD BLESS YOU FRIEND. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

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  4. Sweet, sweet Margie!! I’m teary-eyed! So obedient, so brave! So many people blessed in just the first week! The Lord is with you. You’ll do fine with that big ole truck πŸ™‚

  5. Tia, the best part for me while I was reading this is the part where you prayed with the young guy. Also, “I’ll fly away” is one of my favorites too. We miss you. ❀

  6. Love you sis, you are so brave MY SISTER the TRUCKER. :-D:-D:-D:-D
    I know you will do awesome driving that truck. be well and stay safe

  7. Margie, This is awesome! My dad was an over the road truck driver for years!!! I sent him your link to pray and connect with you! You are so FUNNY! I was laughing in my office at work so hard!
    You and Mark are two of the most selfless people I know. You are going to be greatly blessed by all you do for Him! I will pray safety as I am a pro at that prayer! My father is a living witness!!! LIVING! THANK GOD!!!!!! Love you!

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